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EGC is a multidisciplinary tech-consultancy firm. 

Based in London and maintaining an international outlook, EGC is focused on providing strategic consultancy and project management to a variety of technological projects undertaken in the internet and telecommunications industries. 

We focus on immersing ourselves in the daily grind of each project we take on, offering highly specific and impactful advice and guidance at every level. We also approach each task with a fresh set of eyes and take its progression to heart so we can produce excellent results for our clientele. 


Our track record as leaders in value-added project management has led to us successfully resolving a range of complex problems that crop up in the tech industries that we cater to. No matter the scale of the issue we may encounter along your project’s build cycle, you can count on us to find a creative solution that is both intelligent and implementable. 


EGC will integrate seamlessly into your team and instill performance management systems that help set standards and milestones which are intended to reflect achievement and growth along the way. This approach keeps your project’s goals on track and streamlines all processes, resulting in greater all-round efficiency and newfound successes. 


We pledge to be creative, serious, impartial, objective, and goal-oriented when providing prescient, insightful and actionable project management and tech consultancy services. 


EGC offers an array of top quality consultancy services which aid mid-to large-sized businesses operating in the realm of internet and telecommunications. In essence, we provide support to tech firms doing business both domestically and abroad. 


We like to foster close relationships with our clients so we can best help them create and implement solutions which drive business growth and boost returns. In bringing a unique blend of discipline and professionalism to the projects that we integrate into, we remain dedicated to seeing them through to lasting and successful ends. We work around the clock to ensure that we are providing value-packed and top-quality consultancy services that our clientele can count on. 

Project Management 


EGC specializes in the provision of professional project management services to a growing number of clients domestically and around the globe. 


We are dedicated to delivering astute and cogent management consultancy services by selecting our teams from some of the very best and most experienced project managers available in the tech field. 


We are committed to providing the highest standards of project management that ensures our clientele can deliver their projects in a timely fashion and at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing on quality. 


EGC prides itself on an ability to offer tailored solutions to all project needs. Our goal has always been to attach highly-qualified project teams to projects of varying sizes and complexities. 


We make sure that project goals are actualized on a step-to-step basis through a well-managed and tightly controlled series of activities that are aimed at achieving the results desired. 



EGC’s corporate platform has consultancy services to help tech and telecom firms realign their major goals. 

Our experienced and multidisciplinary consultants offer tailored management guidance, assist in business deals between firms, and compile and disseminate market studies that can lead to the uncovering and swift exploitation of previously untapped tech markets. 

Management consulting 

EGC is regarded as a trusted tech consultancy for good reason. We help tech and telecom firms around the globe to improve their performance, first by mapping their existing structures and operational issues, and second by developing bulletproof plans for scalable improvement and growth. 


Our senior team is comprised of individuals with decades of consultancy experience at the highest levels. Their advice is based on industry best practices and afford our clientele the ability to capitalize on the latest technological and telecommunications breakthroughs at significantly reduced rates. 

We study the firms that we partner with and offer impartial advice and new avenues of strategic planning that may have been overlooked by management.


Moreover, we utilize proven methodologies that are aimed at guiding your 

organization to more efficient and effective daily operations. 


Throughout our management consultancy process, we put the reins in your hands and let you help us guide our consultancy in the directions that you choose. 


Assisting business deals 

EGC has experienced consultants who are expert dealmakers. 


Our team is highly skilled, having been trained theoretically and practically in negotiations strategy and constantly working to expand their skill sets. 


We know what works and what doesn’t, having studied the best tactics on how to steer business deals towards propitious ends. We work alongside your team to ensure you walk away from the negotiation table content. 


Once the stage has been set for favourable outcomes, our formidable bargaining process will attempt to bring the parties together and secure common interests, while simultaneously wielding tested negotiation methodologies that will embolden your team throughout the process and heighten the chances of success. 

Emerging market penetration 

EGC is focused on consulting internet and telecom firms that are looking to capitalize on the golden opportunities cropping up in emerging markets around the globe, especially within Africa and Latin America. We help poise these firms for market penetration and capitalization in remote areas that are ready to benefit from network access. 


Our seasoned economists have blueprinted several key ingredients that determine emerging market success, and through macroeconomic experience gleaned from decades of hands-on work, we know when and where to steer your investment and business interests. This gives your business the best chance of success when you take the decision to enter new markets. 


EGC thoroughly researches the emerging markets of interest before compiling and producing clear and concise advice for our clientele. 




When telecommunications companies around the world are ready to erect or upgrade physical infrastructures that allow direct communication between networks - EGC gets the call. 


Our clients are spread across Europe, Africa and Latin America and comprise some of the biggest names in internet and telecommunications. 


These companies continue to add infrastructure assembly and restoration tasks to their ever-growing list of projects which help to interconnect networks and facilitate telecommunication in historically lagging areas. 


IXPs & Colocation Centers 

Internet exchange points (IXPs) and colocation centers are premier examples of EGC’s specialization. 


When a company wishes to install new infrastructure that will greatly reduce the average per-bit delivery cost of local internet service providers, often the project will be outsourced to our firm as we maintain unique capabilities to get the job done right the first time. 


EGC provides support to companies who require additional infrastructure and upgrades to expand and improve IT service delivery. 

We offer full-package deals which takes the stresses of intelligently designing colocation centers out of your hands and puts it in ours. We are steadfastly committed to seeing build projects through to their successful ends and presenting our clients with functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing centers that are built to last. 


Our smart-built colocation centers have provided the space and security needed for networking equipment belonging to over 150 firms to be stored, protected and well-managed. This gives our partners the ability to connect and interconnect their clientele to a host of telecommunications and network service providers, locally and with ease. 



Telecommunications firms engaged in the supply of fiber optic cables and wireless local area connections (cable media or wireless media) require a partner that is fully aware of the constantly evolving and highly competitive nature of their industry. 


EGC provides shrewd project management services to industry-leading telecommunications firms in order so that they can remain relevant in their highly competitive fields. 


We are tasked with advisory and consultancy services mainly to the budding telecommunications markets of Africa and Latin America, where there remains a significant and omnipresent need for network coverage. 


We partner with leading firms that are branching out into these untapped markets and work towards streamlining their strategies as they provide network coverage that digitally maps new parts of the world. 


The companies we consult on behalf of are in most cases well established telecommunications firms and ISPs with international reach, having IXPs and data centers located in several countries around the globe. These centers require connection to one another and the internet’s backbone, which is where our services come in. 


We are experienced in helping telecom firms break down their massive infrastructure projects into smaller, more manageable parts by providing rigorously researched and dependable solutions that are cost-effective and implementable. This is just one of the reasons that we are trusted to offer up visionary advice that can be counted on. 


The digital world is rapidly advancing and its offering consumers around the globe a more interconnected and fascinating way of life. EGC is proud to stand alongside tech and telecom firms as we make it possible for people to get in touch and do business, easily and together. 


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